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Executive Coaching Cases

Amid the buzzwords of contemporary business, the concept of Executive Coaching might easily be construed as just another "nice thing to do." One more executive perk. Another 'touchy-feelie' exercise.

But the core of Executive Coaching is hard-core pragmatism.

It begins with one simple premise: Executive-level personnel problems cost your company money—not to mention lost productivity, peace of mind, and a competitive advantage.

Executive Coaching is a proven, practical means to rectify the most expensive problems plaguing organizations today. Conflict. Burnout. Turnover.

Take a few moments and review the following case studies—you may find executive-level problems similar to those your company is facing. Then ask yourself "What's at stake?" within your organization.


What's at Stake?

The "Double-Bind" of a Driven Executive

Ships Passing in the Night

The "Shell Answer Man"


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