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What's at Stake

The Real Issue

Executive Coaching is an alternative to these costly and all too often common problems of organizational life.

If any of the following cases strike a responsive chord or if you'd just like to talk further about Executive Coaching please call me, Ron Ernst, at Leadership Horizons, (317) 844-5587.

The Executive Coaching alternative can be your most effective means to make the problem—not the person—go away.

They were all in my office...

Jerry the company's founder and CEO, Stan the Vice President Marketing and Sales, and Rick the Vice President Manufacturing. Each was concerned, frustrated and feeling deceived by Bill the Vice President Finance.

"This is the last straw," Jerry started, "not only can I not talk with him he's now covering up his mistakes. I want realistic financial information, is that too much to ask? I ask him a simple question and I get looked at like I'm from Mars."

"It's sad," Stan added, "Bill's been with us for six years. He's turned our accounting department around and our financial situation has never been better. But you're right Jerry, he gets so defensive when we ask him the simplest of questions."

"I know Bill about the best," Rick chimed in, "he really wants to be part of this Learn but I can't get through his thick skull that he has to be more...more... flexible."

What to do. A technically competent executive who can't get along with the team.

Before you decide to fire Bill, think about the real cost of dismissing and replacing an $85,000 a year executive.

Expenses like:

Three to six months of severance
Continuing fringe benefits
Relocation expenses for new executive
Possible cost of executive recruiting firm

$ 40,000
$ 10,000
$ 10,000
$ 25,000

$ 85,000

Soft costs like:

Lost productivity of not having a VP Finance
Executive time to interview candidates
Reduced productivity of new VP
Risk of not finding a good fit
Cost of potential litigation

$ ?
$ ?
$ ?
$ ?
$ ?


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